A BIG day for a VERY BIG place

A special day in “deep in the heart of”…National Texas day.

One problem? People in Texas aren’t really sure why.  
A national day?  Fine, but most in the state call today “Monday”.  
Texas Independence is March 2…and the state was granted statehood on 12/29.

(okay haters, 2/1 was  when a group of legislators voted to leave the union…BUT residents did not vote on it until 2/23).

A state with it’s own power grid; where the frozen margarita machine was invented. It’s a piece of land larger than any country in Europe.  
(There’s one ranch bigger than Rhode Island)

Two thoughts from the Lone Star State for the day:
— Remember the Alamo (great place to visit BTW)
— And “Drive Friendly”….a slight derivative of the state motto:  Friendship.

An extra thought for those who don’t get it today…we may say you are “all hat and no cattle”.

Alamo Fort in Texas

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