It will be fine, just pay more?

The digital 3rd party cookie is crumbling.  
Google and Facebook may have their $200+ Billion in ad revenue in flux.

Google has come out with a study that says, thanks to FLoC (cohorts) and that wonderful word: Algorithms, their search advertising will be almost as good; about 95% of the conversions you see with cookies.

Their solution:  You’ll need to spend just a little more to get back on spec (yeah sure, okay).

Okay marketing and advertising types…a poll without a poll:

Do you:

— Agree; just take the money from legacy advertising?
— Agree; just take the money from other digital advertising?
— Disagree….no more money to these guys.
— Nah, some “make good” is as “must” from these companies.
— What?  No! The whole thing is bullshit.

Discuss. Pontificate.  Educate.

PS:  you’ll enjoy info from a University study that branded keyword SEM advertising has virtually ZERO value and is basically a waste of money.

google search

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