How’d they PRINT that?

Right now someone somewhere is sweating a font choice for some commercial we’ll see in our day sometime soon. 

So…some fun font facts:

— Helvetica is the most used today
— Comic Sans is the most hated, released October 1994
— The New York Times uses Georgia (Arial for sans serif)
— Blackletter was one of the first, discovered back in the 12 century
— The oldest Font used by Microsoft is Garamond
— Time New Roman started with the London Time Newspaper in 1931
— The US Military uses Arial
— Cooper Black is 100 years old, made popular by the Beach Boys
— Apple used Helvetica Neue, replacing it with its own “San Francisco”.

So which is more important?  The font or the message?  The debate will never end.

But to quote George Parker (If you’re in marketing, you know who he is):
“The only people who care about advertising are the people who work in advertising” ;0)

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