You hear that noise?

It was quite the contest yesterday. No, not the football game (Congrats to Andy Reid and KC)…the contact sport called advertising.  The goal: connect to the 102 million watching.   The real world game?  Connect to a crowd filled with laughter, boos, cheers, beer (okay soft drinks too), people dipping, munching, reheating, grabbing slices and licking wing sauce off their fingers.  And these ads?  They’re reportedly the commercials we “wanted” to watch. It’s easy for us to pontificate in our hermetically confined marketing mentality… staring at our laptop or phone to rank them. It’s what us media ypes do But out there?

Where I watched the game, I saw one person cry during the Google commercial.  What ads cut through or just added to the noise?  Truth is…it’s all noise…some  noise just matters more to you.

watching the Super Bowl at a local bar
who’s paying attention to the noise?

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