You hear that noise?

It was quite the contest yesterday. No, not the football game (Congrats to Andy Reid and KC)…the contact sport called advertising.  The goal: connect to the 102 million watching.   The real world game?  Connect to a crowd filled with laughter, boos, cheers, beer (okay soft drinks too), people dipping, munching, reheating, grabbing slices and licking wing sauce off […]

You having a typical week?

What makes it “typical”anyway? No one really drank coffee 400 years ago, (people drank beer with breakfast) You didn’t have air conditioning at work until about 100 years ago…no sliced bread about 90 years ago…no  mobile phone 35 years ago, no Google search 20 years ago, and no Uber ride less than ten.  What will […]

You may be in one right now…

We’ll have 55-million of them TODAY and every day in the USA. Elon Musk and Mark Cuban HATE them. What an I writing about? The Business Meeting. Odds are you’re reading this post while in one. What daring thing can you make a meeting better? Sit in a different seat, rather than the usual one. […]