Be Quiet, I’m Broadcasting!

Today is National Radio Day in the USA.  A media that still reaches over 92% of the US population.  The competition is fierce and the reach is fantastic. I started in radio back in the mid 70’s reading obituaries and playing polka music. (Don’t ask, but the station was WISL) Over 45 years, my career allowed me […]

You hear that noise?

It was quite the contest yesterday. No, not the football game (Congrats to Andy Reid and KC)…the contact sport called advertising.  The goal: connect to the 102 million watching.   The real world game?  Connect to a crowd filled with laughter, boos, cheers, beer (okay soft drinks too), people dipping, munching, reheating, grabbing slices and licking wing sauce off […]

Does the media matter?

CONTENT IS KING! My question: Does the media really matter in Marketing? So many in advertising…and the businesses they shout about, usually chase the latest shiny new toy (This puppy has her own TIKTOK channel BTW) But does the media really matter IF your message connects and the word spreads? With the right content, regardless […]

What is Advertising?

Its all really “word of mouth”. Regardless of the media; it’s storytelling. The goal is to get people to tell other people your story. How’s that work? You make a promise to your customer…the BIGGER and BOLDER the better. Your business just needs to genuinely over-deliver on it…every time. Saw this sign at a small […]