My “Friday’s Fantastic Find” this week is a fairly new business hat gives you a cool easy way to thank a customer, client, coworker, friend o family right from your phone. Their name: THNKS!
In the tall towers of New York City, Brendan Kamm and Larry Rubin had an idea about 4 years ago on how you can show appreciation with a coffee, cocktail kit, food, music, memberships and more. if you missed a name on your Christmas, Festivus or holiday list, you can send a gift and have it delivered to their phone or laptop by the time you close your #LinkedIn App. These guys have mastered mobile gifting by mixing tech and gratitude in a very slick way. Thanks for reading!
I post every Friday, highlighting a cool business; no influencer endorsement…just sharing stuff I use and the folks who “do different”.

THNKS app on your iPhone

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