Throw Shade in Style?

Wear your mask.   Some see this as a problem; some see an opportunity.Why not a face shield? A few luxury brand companies have jumped into this market, like Burberry…and Louis Vuitton The LV version has a cushioned strap, gold studs, the shield pivots and also darkens in sunlight.  You can get one of these  sometime in October…rumor […]

what’s your name again?

The marketing world must have really changed.  I thought the best advertising folks were always under severe pressure to “Create Great” and always do so under an impossible deadline.   The Washington Football organization punted (yes I went there) revealing a new brand name for the team for an entire year. Is it lack of creativity? Trademark […]

Did YOU stand in line?

It started today back in 2007.   The first Apple iPhone was released.  People lined up for days to get their hands on one.   (You ever do the iphone line?) This experience still exists, if not bigger,  13 years later.How do you achieve that kind of brand loyalty? I suggest many companies don’t achieve it because: — Their real […]

It went Viral

The word “Viral” has been in the news so much lately…but its been the “Holy Grail” of the marketing and social media world. How do we go viral?  How do we take an idea, spread it from person-to-person and have them spread it for exponential awareness? –You may  be right concerning the quality of your […]

It’s a cover up

This week’s “Friday’s Amazing Brand Idea” is an encore, but  timely with covid19. It appears the prevailing medical guidance is if you’re going outside, cover your face…protect yourself and others.  If you don’t have a medical mask, use a scarf, or a bandana or something like this from BUFF.  It could help stifle Covid19 and […]

What your NEW name?

Two names you know:  Meghan and Harry. Over 11 million Instagram peeps plus other social media places know them as @Sussexroyal The queen is pulling the plug on the whole “royal” naming theme…because, well you know the drama. If you had  a do-over…had to change your brand name tomorrow….what changes would your make?  What’s your new name? PS: […]