Great…Coffee can kill you too

National Coffee Day.  Go ahead splurge…or maybe grab a free cup from some great places.   And don’t worry about over-doing it.  It would take 70 cups of coffee to kill an average 150 pound person.  As for the whiskey in the photo?  It takes only about 13 shots to do the job. And for you […]

You having a typical week?

What makes it “typical”anyway? No one really drank coffee 400 years ago, (people drank beer with breakfast) You didn’t have air conditioning at work until about 100 years ago…no sliced bread about 90 years ago…no  mobile phone 35 years ago, no Google search 20 years ago, and no Uber ride less than ten.  What will […]

Ready to Retail it?

We’ll spend over $1-TRILLION this holiday season both in-store and with ecommerce.  How much is a trillion? A million seconds is 12 days; a trillion is 31,709 years.  Want to do something nice with a  trillion dollars?  You could buy EVERYONE in the USA a 20-ounce WAWA coffee everyday for the next 4 years. (and that includes  the Philly sales […]

how’s your coffee?

My “Friday Fantastic Find” this week is a brand-name the Mid-Atlantic area knows well and started in 1890. In 1890, George Wood started a dairy farm in Delaware county…he imported cows from Guernsey island in the English Channel. The milk business grew at this company called WAWA.  It grew to the point where George’s grandson, Grahame, […]