Are you Single?

 Well TODAY is your special day.  “Singles Day“, a 2009 ecommerce business idea of Jack Ma of the Alibaba Group; highlights a day to treat yourself…now it’s the largest on-line shopping day on the planet.  We’re estimated to “treat ourselves” by spending over $38 BILLION today. (last year’s sales were up +27%) mostly due to the over 200 Million single adults in China.  Over 45% of America’s adults are single.  The US city with the most singles? (%)  San Francisco, at 44.7%, NYC is #3, Philly #16 and McAllen Texas rounds out the top 100.   Largest Singles city in China? Shanghai!  Country?  Sweden; over half of their adults are single.  Enjoy your special day for a table for one, with drinks for two.

Singles Day, in China and everywhere in the world

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