2nd is an okay place to be

Jack Nicklaus did it 18 times
Louis Oosthuizen just did it this weekend
The Buffalo Bills did it four times
The Brooklyn Dodgers did it five times
Buzz Aldren has the honor for this moon walk
John Landy, 2nd to run a 4 minute mile

Or even Empress, (pictured here), she came in 2nd in a Toronto Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.
The old quote:  “No one remembers who came in second place.”
Tell that to Amelia Earhart…she was the second person to fly across the Atlantic.

Have some respect for second place.  
It’s a position that inspires many of us to do better, and pushed the first place person not to let up.

It’s okay to be the BIG #2.

Prize winning cow empress
Empress came in second?

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