I’d like a better Dog & Pony Show please

You may have seen it by now.  Will you allow Apps to track you across apps and websites?  Ah no.  

And before you hate, from my experience…the tech world effort is poor my friend. (my opinion) All I see is one sentence offering me more relevant ads.  

News flash: NOBODY likes ads. (except people in advertising)  

Data backs me up. Conversion success rates are low; stats say only about 4% of people are saying “yes”…

Marketing minds had months to craft a clear concise message as to why we should say yes….other than  “you’ll see more relevant ads”.   

Relevant advertising is like pornography; you probably can’t describe it, but you know it when you see it.    

You need a better dog and pony show to persuade the public…even old media boomers like me.

dog and pony on rollerskates black and white cartoon

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