People HATE change…but still use it

Most marketing and business thought leaders will tell you: People hate change. Except about HALF of use love it.  Pocket change that is and we have a BIG shortage. You may think, just use Apple pay, or an app or your credit card.  Data shows still about half of us use cash for transactions under $10.  But due to […]

You have the power to show us the light?

I have read that Data is power…well how about data about power? The typical US household  uses  914/kilowatt hours per monthMe?  I average about 250 a month. What can you do with a kilowatt hour?  You can light a 100 watt light bulb  for 10 hours What’s it take to make it happen?— A little less than one cup of […]

What do YOU believe?

The argument continues for 130 years.  (yet another social media debate) Truth versus belief. Truth is real, measurable…and has data on it’s side. In 1891, Seth Wheeler gave the world toilet paper…and his patent should end the debate:  over or under? If you “believe” that under is the righteous way.  Own it…just more proof that placebos work. ;0)

Customer Service is a Strategy.

So much effort, creativity, sweat and huge money is spent finding new customers; to get non-customers to “try us”. Netflix saves over a $1-BILLION a year with customer retention. Netflix recommends content based on what their customer watches and use their data for a basic philosophy:“Stop trying to sell your customers what YOU want…sell them […]

Is your business good enough for a second date?

A second date? You know…will your customer buy again…after they said  YES the first time to that idea, product, service…your promise? The data shows about half of 1st dates don’t make it to the second. Did your brand live up to expectations? Just because you say you’re the best or biggest doesn’t mean they’ll answer […]

Is your brand “1st party hardy”?

You see this everyday…not just in the mail, but with emails, social media and websites. Too many messages from companies that I “ALREADY” buy and use. Studies show 2-out-of-3 companies are not satisfied with their 1st party data usage and ROI…I believe what most of us see proves that point. To the marketing community: get […]