Show some love today

It’s the day to try it.  Not necessarily with roses, chocolates or a candle lit dinner out.

Show some love today to the person working behind the counter, driving the bus or Uber; or sitting at a table-for-two alone, maybe just needing a smile.

As for the dining experience today, Valentine’s day is not a biggy; ranked the 94th as good business dining day.  (Thanks Womply) Mother’s day is the top dog…even a typical Saturday does usually better than Valentine’s day.  The fav restaurant  type for the romantic dinner for two today?  Sushi! Not so much with a burger place.

Then why is it OpenTable maybe only showing a 4pm or 10:45pm seating available? Its us guys…It’s us GUYS.  The guy usually does the reso for dinner for today…and you know we NEVER plan ahead.

Puppy MacyJane
Macy with her Valentine’s Day poem.

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