Your “Good” is only good for now

You working hard to make your business better for your customers? Even if they’re happy and what you deliver does the job perfectly, your goal should be to get even better…Some brand somewhere is defining what “better” means.  Here’s a few examples of better; all  considered  a great success and got the job done at the time:

(1)  IBM 303RAMAC hard drive.  This 5 meg beast could hold about 6 copies of the photo, rented for about $28K per month in today’s money and weighted over a ton.

(2) It took 30 years to get us the Maynard Transport in the late 80’s; it held about 20meg of data…you could carry it…and cost you about $1,000.

(3) today you put a 16Gigabit drive in your pocket…and spend $5 in doing it.

Get to work, your “great” may soon not be good enough.

hard drives
hard drives in history

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