Sorry, it’s our policy

It’s business right?  I’ve heard so many company eps say their customer service policies are written in stone. What would happen when you apply something liberally to that stone? Show a customer some unexpected love and extra care today and see what happens. It may change your view of customer service from an obligation to a […]

Your “Good” is only good for now

You working hard to make your business better for your customers? Even if they’re happy and what you deliver does the job perfectly, your goal should be to get even better…Some brand somewhere is defining what “better” means.  Here’s a few examples of better; all  considered  a great success and got the job done at the time: […]

You told to “Think out of the box”?

How many times you hear that in planning  meetings for 2020? You can blame the Brit John Adair who introduced the phrase in 1969…as a reference to the 9-dot puzzle (first seen in a 1914 puzzle book) to get you to masticate on this metaphor. Just one thought: Push the boundaries, but be sure the team […]

Customer Service is a Strategy.

So much effort, creativity, sweat and huge money is spent finding new customers; to get non-customers to “try us”. Netflix saves over a $1-BILLION a year with customer retention. Netflix recommends content based on what their customer watches and use their data for a basic philosophy:“Stop trying to sell your customers what YOU want…sell them […]

How was Q3?

Whew…Q3 over…Q4 begins. How many are scrambling to show & tell how business was last quarter? Maybe instead of “More”….how about “Better”? When leadership believes better is possible and a goal; it gives the entire team a vision to do things different and care. And if you “care more” about the people who matter (ie: […]