Do you remember when…

Pull up a bench and let’s share a hundred years of personal “melodramatic memories”

20’s:  I remember when we had to make our own booze in the bathtub
30’s:  I remember when I had to wrap gifts without tape
40’s:  I remember living on Mac & Cheese during food rationing
50’s:  I remember I had to walk 5 miles through snow to get to school
60’s:  I remember being told to “turn that damn music down”
70’s:  I remember sitting in line for hours to gas up the car; what’s this FM Radio crap?
80’s:  I remember standing in line for hours to buy a cabbage patch doll.
90’s:  I remember when I had to pay for the internet by the hour (and all those damned CDs)
00’s:  I remember when my on-line purchase took a week to arrive; hey did I return that video after Zumba?
10’s:  I remember when I could get a thousand likes on Facebook
20’s:  I will remember….??

What will we say a decade or two from now?

a view down a path in Rittenhouse square in downtown Philadelphia for a thought about what we remember thru the decades (as a boomer), from the daily thought blog

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