These people are such losers!

Shaq has missed over 5,300 free throws…the most of any NBA player Van Gogh could only sell one of his paintings. Jeff Bezos was laughed at for his on-line book store idea. Reggie Jackson has the most MLB strike outs..2,597 to be precise. Women worldwide still wear the LBD look of Coco Chanel, but she […]

come on, pick one

You have a choice today: President’s Day Presidents Day Presidents’ Day They’re all correct. You really make a choice every day…the choice that counts is your attitude.  A positive attitude makes everyday a holiday.  For you and everyone around you.   If you only had a dollar for every time this works. Happy Birthday George (Hey, […]

Advertising Mantra: Frequency Works!

So how many times a day you tell YOURSELF: “You got this!”? Go solve that problem, sell that idea, help someone on the team…over deliver for a customer. Connect with someone new. Start today…start NOW. Say it out loud! Impressions are like daisies. You need more than just a daisy a day to get the […]