Was this some of the first FAKE NEWS?

We got a dose of some of the first FAKE NEWS this past weekend 84 years ago. The news peeps (actually actors) at CBS Radio scared the country by reporting Martians were kicking the shit out of New Jersey with a heat ray. It was the WAR OF THE WORLDS.  

To make this Halloween a bit more fun, take time for a 1978 musical version of this news set in London.  Boomers will be happy to know it involves names like Richard Burton, David Essex, Justin Hayward, Jeff Wayne and more in the biggest orchestra rock production EVER. IMHO (ie: loads of synthesizers and screaming guitars)

Happy Halloween, enjoy the show and this fake news (a lot of it in D minor) on Spotify:

Musical version of the War of the Worlds artwork to highlight the 1978 project from Jeff Wayne for a Halloween suggestion from the daily thought blog www.caremoretoday.com

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