What did I buy?

First claimed by Cistercian monks, then English, then an island taken by France in 1243.

The weather of Southern France, this Atlantic coast gem has a daily light sunny breeze and fishermen, who sell their catch of oysters, crab, shrimp, clams and fresh fish every day at the main market.

The isle is best known for their sauniers, who use the same middle age tools and technique to produce this loved product known world wide:  

Sea Salt from their ocean marshes.

Grey, natural, unrefined, (ie: bits of clay) and dried in the sun.

Yes, I bought table salt!
Actually I bought the story and the wonderful story telling.  And I’m happy about it.

What story are you telling….or enjoying today?

PS:  I think the professionals call that marketing.

A small island off the west coast of France; Isle of Re.
A place off the west coast of France

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