Stop Garbage Advertising

Some of the 14,000 advertising agencies in the USA  will have an exciting zoom meeting today.  The excitement? Some bright eyed VP discovered yet another new place to reach prospective customers for their client brands.  Some new advertising platform?  We talking TikTok? Reels? A Golf Cart Hubcap? (it’s real my friend)   Maybe instead of finding that trendy new place […]

Come on, tell me a story

Despite all of our new found drama for Memorial Day weekend, let’s remember why we even have the holiday in the US.   Originally known as Decoration Day, we remembered and honored those who died in the Civil war. Memorial Day was not the “official name” until 1967. Now, we honor all fallen soldiers.  There’ll be official […]

What is Advertising?

Its all really “word of mouth”. Regardless of the media; it’s storytelling. The goal is to get people to tell other people your story. How’s that work? You make a promise to your customer…the BIGGER and BOLDER the better. Your business just needs to genuinely over-deliver on it…every time. Saw this sign at a small […]