People like to see less of my Blog?

What can make your content better? Maybe… have less of it.

I just did a  review of my blog page ( since inception.

-23%.  (# of words used)
+139% (growth of positive engagement)

Today, my average blog is 66 words (2021); down -23% from when I started in 2019.
Positive engagement is up 139% for the same period.

Hmmm, less of my work the better may be the answer (you hater), but maybe focus to say what needs to be said… in fewer words.

Take the extra time to prepare to talk less.  As Abe Lincoln quipped he didn’t have the time to prepare a five minute speech, but could talk for an hour anytime.

Don’t be content with your content.  Do better. Do less.

Less content is better

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