Are you inspired?

Meet Mahalia Jackson…well know for her amazing Gospel sound.   She was surviving a very hot and humid day in DC at the Lincoln Memorial in late August 1963.  It was a day when something almost DIDN’T happen.  Martin Luther King Jr decided the day before to drop “I have a dream” from his speech.  While giving his 5 minute speech, she yelled out “Tell them about the dream Martin”.  Feeling he wasn’t hitting his mark, he pivoted, and gave what is considered the top American Speech given in the 20th century…leading to the Civil rights act in 1964.

Your job today:  encourage someone to share “their dream”.  Your encouragement could be the spark to change the world even to those that inspire us. 

Even our heroes who inspire us need encouragement.

Mahalia Jackson B/W
Mahalia Jackson

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