Okay, which one is it?

Look out the window.  See those grey skies.

Well that’s one of the colors for 2021…as Pantone sees it.  
Ultimate Gray

First time grey has been chosen.  Well okay…they also picked “Illuminating Yellow”.

My take:  gray clouds…bright sunshine.  It takes both to make a beautiful sky. Second time two colors chosen.  First time in 2016:  Pale Pink and blue

If you don’t recall, the color for 2020 is “classic blue”.

The real question:  Grey or Gray?  You notice I used both spellings?

In the US, it’s gray.  Other places that speak English?  Grey.  Thank those damned British types with their Earl Grey tea.  Cheerio, have a great Monday.

Desert picture with colors of 2021
See the colors of 2021 in the desert.

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