Don’t Fall for Autumn

Today is all about balance.  In the Northern Hemisphere, you have roughly the same amount of daylight as darkness.  The first day of Fall. (if your in America that is…if you’re British, you prefer the word Autumn) As for balance:  “Know you can’t have everything and do everything at the same time.” You can thank Oprah for that quote […]

You think it’s black & white?

Ideas more than just #000000 or #FFFFFF  (black and white for you non coder design peeps). Embrace the shades of gray.  That’s where the beauty of business concepts lives. Don’t agree with grey?  The 1957 “Las Meninas” by Pablo Picasso may change your mind. PS: Is it Grey or Gray? America’s version is Gray…My UK friends are fond […]

Could you be any more stupid?

I hope so…please share that dumb idea you thought of.   Dumb mistakes and  ideas gave us anesthesia, Penicillin, Post it Notes, Radar, Corn Flakes, the Pace Maker, or like the NBA playing all games in one city.…even the color mauve. Remember, unless you share your dumb idea, we would never ever never try anything new.  And make […]

Maybe you’re focused on the wrong color

Maybe you are focused on the wrong color…if so, here’s a friendly “course correction” for your career and business. If you’re “in it” for the money, in the USA, you say you’re working for the green. Well in America, money isn’t really green…it’s primary color is Pantone 5803-C. Regardless of the country you live in, […]

Is your story colorful?

Every tells their story. It’s called marketing. You tell that story long and loud enough…the public may believe it. That’s called advertising. Your company story may be colorful, but does it tell the real tale on who you are? For the story on cool color names; here’s a Wikipedia list of several hundred. (I […]

You got the rainy Monday blues?

The experience may happen more often in 2020, as Pantone named “classic” blue the 2020 color of the year. It’s the color of blue jeans, blueberries, a can of Pepsi and the sky at dusk. We didn’t even have a word for the color until the Egyptians gave us one about 6,000 years ago.  The color […]