Can you see Uranus from here?

Sometimes you miss the things that are close to you, because your focus is on distant distractions. Uranus was discovered 39 years BEFORE Antarctica. The Lesson: Pay attention to the world around you; you may discover some beautiful things right in front of you. The info for you data Types:Discovery Year: Uranus: 1781 Antarctica: 1820 PS: No Uranus […]

You’re gonna lose it this weekend!

An hour of time that is. We’re always looking to do more.  It becomes harder his weekend; you lose an hour. (If you’re in Asia or Africa, I know…you can ignore this post) Ya know, Spring forward, Fall back.  We’ve been doing this since 1916 in North America and Europe and you can blame Germany for this. Instead […]

How do you find the time?

We’re all crazy busy. Working your magic with business, friends, travel, clients, family, etc. Where do you find any time? It comes down to what’s YOUR priority. You find the time for what you love. I recently moved; lots of packing, calls, coordination…but I learned a lesson from my puppy Macy Jane. Her priority? Play […]

Being an “overnight success” takes a LONG time

It always takes longer than you think. Today, back in 1910, a dozen or so business types were in a NJ hall to watch a demonstration of a movie…with sound! The demo was conducted by a guy named Thomas Edison. It was going to be the NEXT-BIG-THING. But it wasn’t.Silent movies were around since 1896 […]