This will be the BEST EVER!

Some of our big tech guys were asked by congress if they copy ideas from other companies or competition.  Huh? They ever run a business?
Coming in August in the USA, Instagram users will be able to create and share something new to their Stories:  Guess? Short Videos! 
It’s called “Reels”; you’ll be able to produce  short-form videos in a new dedicated tab on your profile.  Hmmm, sounds a bit like Tik Tok, which seemed sorta  like periscope, which felt a lot like Vine.

The haters will always hate but some are looking forward to giving the new app a try.  When it comes to good ideas,  Steve Jobs and Picasso had the right vision:

Steve Jobs: “We have always been shameless about stealing great ideas”. Or as  Picasso said:  “Good artists copy, great artists steal”.

Good Luck to the gang at Instagram: Let’s see what happens next.

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