What did you do with it?

BANG!!! There it is.  An idea.  And in a Flash it’s g-o-n-e.   An idea for your podcast, the ad campaign, the client, your novel, the perfect gift for a friend, the missing ingredient for dinner. Could be for anything. But how do you remember, you’re a busy person right?  Write it down, text yourself, voicemail?   Don’t just “try” to […]

This will be the BEST EVER!

Some of our big tech guys were asked by congress if they copy ideas from other companies or competition.  Huh? They ever run a business?Coming in August in the USA, Instagram users will be able to create and share something new to their Stories:  Guess? Short Videos! It’s called “Reels”; you’ll be able to produce  short-form videos in a […]

Why did the Chicken cross the road?

“Past performance is no guarantee of future success.” You may have seen this; especially in financial documents, in advertising, etc. I’m adding two words: Past performance is no guarantee of future success OR FAILURE. Meaning:  just because some past ideas didn’t work…doesn’t mean the next one should stay in the dark.  Share that idea with your customer, […]

You think it’s black & white?

Ideas more than just #000000 or #FFFFFF  (black and white for you non coder design peeps). Embrace the shades of gray.  That’s where the beauty of business concepts lives. Don’t agree with grey?  The 1957 “Las Meninas” by Pablo Picasso may change your mind. PS: Is it Grey or Gray? America’s version is Gray…My UK friends are fond […]

Could you be any more stupid?

I hope so…please share that dumb idea you thought of.   Dumb mistakes and  ideas gave us anesthesia, Penicillin, Post it Notes, Radar, Corn Flakes, the Pace Maker, or like the NBA playing all games in one city.…even the color mauve. Remember, unless you share your dumb idea, we would never ever never try anything new.  And make […]

You see a subway?

Or maybe some stairs? Someone saw a different possibility. Not only does it take your imagination to see what others overlook, but it also takes being brave to share your idea and vision. When you do, magic can happen. It’s works with any business; come on, share your idea today! Marketing should take a customer […]