I know where you were this weekend

Says many Digital Ad Platforms!

Did you enjoy that cookie? Not that insomnia chocolate chip, but the one the digital advertising baked for your computer or phone. The world continues to change: Apple appears to be introducing tighter Intelligent tracking prevention; focused on their browser Safari.

The conundrum:

Ad networks will serve more personalized ads of more interest to you, based on the sites you visit and what you search for, and provide robust (I love that word) analytics to advertisers for more efficient campaigns.


The Apple position: If you’re not paying for a product, YOU are the product. The user should give permission to be tracked by anyone…even if the network doesn’t even really know who you are. This is done via notifications; but the company also says they can provide anonymous data for measurement. 

Personalization vs. Privacy?  In the end, the choice will be yours.

Personal note:  I enjoy the personalization of seeing things of interest to me. But guys, PLEASE fix the retargeting…especially AFTER I’ve purchased the product.

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