What does the Data say?

Ask business leadership and they’ll tell you: “We need more data” We live in a data-driven world, right? But data interpretation today usually gives us answers to the “questions” we want. Who’s #1, who’s bigger, most used, fastest, etc.  
Two examples:
Largest city in the USA? Nah, not NYC or LA, it’s Sitka, Alaska. It covers over 4,800 sq miles. LA is actually #12; smaller than Nashville.
Mt Everest closest to the moon? Nope, it’s Mt. Chimborazo in Ecuador. While Everest may be the tallest from sea level, Chimborazo is higher in the sky because the earth bulges at the equator. Most companies crave more data. But maybe we need to understand that a few things can be true at the same time…depending on how you look at the data. What’s true to most companies? Usually the data that helps them tell their story.

Mt. Chimborazo in Ecuador

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