Burger King stopped selling the Whopper…to help McDonalds?

In 2017, Burger King had a day without the Whopper. (BK in Argentina) Huh? They politely sent their customers from all 107 stores to a near-by McDonalds to buy a Big Mac instead of their signature and best-selling burger! Why? It was McHappy Day! McD’s was donating $2 for every Big Mac sold that day to research for children with cancer. and BK thought up a unique way to help. Over 73K more Big Macs were sold that day…even the BK king walked into McD’s and joined the fun to huge applause. It was a huge media win for BK, the kids, the charity effort and for friendly marketing mayhem. The concept/idea came from “David- Buenos Aires, The Agency” How do you beat the competition? Sometimes you can kill them (and your customer) with kindness.

BK Print ad for McHappy day

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