Where ARE you?

Trying something new once a week: “Friday’s Amazing Brand” Hashtag FAB! ;0)
My goal is to highlight a business/brand you may not know. This is not a paid influencer endorsement move…just sharing the work of some folks who “Do Different” that I’ve discovered.
Today: Let’s talk WHAT3WORDS, based in London.
These guys have assigned a unique 3-word address to EVERY square 3-meters on the ENTIRE planet! It makes it amazingly easy to find any precise place in the world, a park, or an event….even a mountain top. Just look up the 3 words. For example: You’re meeting friends at the MADE IN AMERICA concert in Philadelphia this holiday weekend. You tell them to meet at 21st St and the Parkway. If you know Philly….you’ll never find them. But with WHAT3WORDS, you can pick the street corner to meet on that block. (see image) What 3 word location you at now?

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