You better write this down

One year from now, you’ll have about 4 minutes of darkness to add (subtract?) in your day. For the first time in 6 years a total solar eclipse will move across a big piece of North America. Philly? Sorry, just a partial eclipse view this time.

Okay meteorology types…will it be cloudy then? If someone could predict bad weather that far out, would they be the “raining” champion?

a total solar eclipse predicted for April of 2024 in North America


  1. Loved reading this
    Great post! It’s fascinating to read about the upcoming solar eclipse. I have a logical question: Do you think the chance of cloudy weather could affect the viewing experience? If so, how often are these types of events impacted by weather conditions? Looking forward to your response.


    • Glad you liked the post! If cloudy it will get “dark” but you wont get to ee the crescent sun or the ring around the moon…just experience overall darkness. Enjoy you day and get ready for the fun hanna!


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