Intelligence or Stupidity?

Artificial Intelligence…a big deal?
Well, Boomers have seen this tech change before.

It happened 50 years ago with the lowly handheld calculator.
Am I nuts? Let’s see if this crazy theory adds up. (yeah I went there)

I don’t fear Artificial Intelligence, it’s never gonna beat human stupidity. ;0)
Street Curb Curiosity – The Podcast

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Four calculators as a highlight for an idea that we have seen AI, artificial intelligence before.  Math from the 1970's in a podcast from street curb curiosity


  1. We learned how to use an abacus in kindergarten. I had to learn how to use a slide rule when I started college for pre-engineering classes. First calculator I used cost $499.00 and could do square roots. Our generation were the first humans to set foot on the moon.


    • I recall some abacus work in school early on, as well as the slide rule. What a crazy time when the calculator tech came to our lives…in so many positive ways. Thanks for joining the chat and the memories Matt; have a wonderful day!


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