Will you listen to this?

National Radio Day (8/20)

We’ll see posts filled with antique radios, funky colored bedroom alarm clocks, old AM car radios, maybe a boom box or two.  All with comments about the “good old days”.  

I spent 45 years in this crazy business, made a career of it and have great memories of it all. BUT… 

THIS is today’s radio, the current audio adventure.  For anyone in radio, learn one thing from this boomer: The future is TODAY. Be excited about the future, you’re gonna spend the rest of your life there.

PS:  My radio fun began back in the mid 70’s reading obituaries and playing polka music.

Amazon Alexa modern dot smart speaker to highlight national radio day on August 20 for the daily motivational blog www.caremoretoday.com
Alexa…play me something

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