The 1st social media was…

Back in the 60’s and 70’s, millions of people in the US chatted via their CB Radios.

The Citizen’s Band may have come to an end because it was “too successful”.
Was it the great great grand daddy to today’s social experience called Clubhouse? Let’s talk about it.
The audio adventure (and all of our podcasts) are below.

CB radio

BEER (What you need more of a title?) Street Curb Curiosity

Life and beer are alike.  Chill for best results.  So chill for a few minutes and savor some beer banter about what the world drinks the most, for about the past 13,000 years.  Some facts, trivia and a few frothy dad jokes you can barley stand.
  1. BEER (What you need more of a title?)
  2. Where did THAT go?
  3. Standing in Line
  4. Your daily routine
  5. Your Memory

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