Different Idea For The Same old…

You may have put up with a lot of this over the weekend…

A great idea doesn’t have to create something brand new.
Sometimes it just makes the same old shit…better.

Saw an ad for this Michigan based family company that now makes  vegetable based dog poop bags. Yes, plant based.  No plastic.  They completely compost in about 3 months.  No landfill filled with perfectly bagged….well you know.

Dog owners know we are not going to really change what comes out of your pup.  Or maybe how we pick it up and get rid of it (you know, the fun part of having a furry friend)…but maybe these guys can help end the never ending bag next-to-a-tree look.

Not an endorsement…just giving props to people who think and do different.
Or is that doo doo? Find them on Amazon.

dog poop bags

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