A Monday Visual Stress Test

Is the image moving?  Per Japanese Psychotherapist Yamamoto Hashima it reveals your stress level.

A little?  You’re a little stressed

A lot?  You better calm down

Not at all?  You got it together today.

The reality is this optical illusion is not the only illusion… The story behind this is totally social media fake that blew up back in 2018. In fact, Yamamoto doesn’t even exist.  It’s an image actually created by a Ukranian illustrator named Yurii.

The 1st thought:  don’t believe everything  on media; even reputable outlets can have bogus content and spin.

The 2nd thought:  Content can affect and influence how you feel; remember that.

The 3rd thought:  your initial reaction was most likely…well this says I’m a little stressed, I can manage today.

The moral:   You’ve already beaten your worst day you ever had.  You got this!

How fast is this moving?

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