Please STOP Reading!

This will happen 30 MILLION times today:  A PowerPoint Presentation! 
Let’s review the scourge of the business world through ONE SLIDE thru the face of  Samuel L Jackson.

Why the rant? 
A major financial institute held an investor day… and used 263 slides!

You can personally help the world, yourself, your project and your client with these easy points to ponder you can count on one hand:

  1. Don’t read your slides
  2. Don’t mix fonts; san serif is the easiest on the eyes
  3. Try the 7×7 outline:  no more than 7 lines of text and 7 words per line
  4. Font size of at least 24 points
  5. No ALL CAPS please

Top complaint:  a presenter READING their slides…so my advice:  Talk with your group; converse with the customer, tell your story. I, Microsoft and the world thank you.

Pondering PowerPoint with Samuel L Jackson

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random thoughts of all the fun, the pain and the problems of "caring more"

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