My First Blog: Play Ball!

Be the person your dog thinks you are.

— No clue who said this first.

My first post of my new blog on my own website. My previous blogs were mostly on LinkedIn and have a business focus; but my epiphany is many of these random thoughts work for business and life. The foundation is the same: caring…more. The idea came from my puppy (Macy Jane) and something you see in most dogs. When they play ball; they’re ALL IN. They don’t half-ass it. That pup will focus, jump, crawl…leap. They’re fully vested in catching that ball, and having fun while doing it. So the question: whether it’s about a friend, a customer, a brand, the family, or even your pet… Will you “care more today”? Please browse, like a post…heck even subscribe. Imagine how great your day would be if we all just “cared” a bit more. Thank you for visiting. play ball

Macy Jane
Care more today…especially about ball play.

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