How’d you do this time?

On a random Sunday, a group of 25 guys felt like their plan worked, every idea, bit of training and determination performed…brilliantly. Another group of 25 guys had a REALLY bad day.  The plan had problems, legs felt weak, nothing was working…their extra effort was at best ineffective.

Both teams will be talking about WTF happened for weeks, writing and rewriting plans and plays.  Careers will be started, made and broken. Lives changed.

BUT only about .0006% percent of the people on the planet cared or noticed.

It happens every day…several times a day, in business, work, life and sports. Like it happened to these guys.  
(What was that final score?)

The lesson:  Play your game every day.  Do your best…try to win.  Cause it’s ALL for you.  No one else will notice or care.  And if they do…they’ll forget all about what you did, good or bad…when the next game starts.  Now, get your head back in the game.

Welcome to Monday.

a very unusual final score for a premiere league football game as a life lesson.

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