What do YOU call this thing?

National Eat A Hoagie Day (9/14)

You may be thinking “Hey Yo, what the Hell is a Hoagie???”
It’s a Philly thing, may be a PA thing, a Mid Atlantic thing?

So let’s spread and share some sandwich love:
National Eat a Sub Day (North America in general)
National Eat a Grinder Day (Hey New England)
National Eat a Hero Day (New York)
National  Eat a Poor Boy Day (Louisiana)
National Eat a Torpedo Day (Hell if I know)
National Eat a Spunkie  Day (parts of Boston)
National Eat a Dagobert Day (Belgium)
National Eat a Blimpie Day (Hoboken)
National Eat a Gatsby Day (South Africa)
National Eat a Zep day (eastern PA EXCEPT Philly)
National Eat a Wedge Day (Yonkers)

Still not getting it?  Take a roll, add Salami, Capocollo, Ham, Provolone, tomato, onion, green pepper, pepperoni, lettuce, some Italian dressing, olive oil, maybe olives and banana peppers…with a dash of salt, pepper and oregano.   (Am I missing anything?)

Now?  Enjoy!

National Hoagie Day; September 14, with a selection of various names for this sandwich.  Some trivia from the daily thought blog www.caremoretoday.com

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