You do this about 10 minutes EVERY day.

You’ll do this at least 4 times today.  Complain about the weather.
How much do we bitch about it?  Here’s a hint:  constantly.

A new rant on how we run hot and cold on the topic…
Street Curb Curiosity – The Podcast

Our little whine about weather on ApplePodcasts.

city skyline with rain and emoji complaining about the weather

Are you angry? Street Curb Curiosity

Some experts say your rage rears its irate head about 15 times a day. Let's calmly discuss why and things you can do to calm the freak down, like using humor.  Don't be vexed, there are calming dad jokes in these 11 minutes, promise!
  1. Are you angry?
  2. Bling!
  3. BEER (What you need more of a title?)
  4. Where did THAT go?
  5. Standing in Line

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