Ready to be sweaty?

My “Friday’s Amazing Brand Idea” this week is inspired by that special someone you miss besides friends and family. Your Trainer! That person who, makes you cry and curse kicks your ass and makes you better through yoga, Spin, HIT or some workout. 

But now…  No gym, no contact?  Try Nike NTC (Nike Training Club).  

Over 180 solid workouts right on your phone or tablet to help make and keep you strong…indoors. Yes to both iOS and Android.

Nike flipped their premium level FREE during this coronavirus stay-at-home timeframe. Yoga, body-weight workouts and targeted training programs are at your finger tips; from a quick 5 to a full 45 minute sweat fest.

Download and get down off your couch.  A better you awaits.

No paid endorsement influencer, just sharing stuff I use and some folks who “Do Different”…or in this case…Just do it.

NIKE NTC for Apple:

PS: ask your trainer if they have an on-line program. Maybe some facetime flexibility fun?

Nike Training Club

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