You know what’s special about today?

What’s “special” is YOU!

Today is not just Tuesday…it’s TAKE OUT TUESDAY.  It’s also Taco Tuesday…hey, it’s Cinco De Mayo. Phone one of your fav restaurants, treat yourself to something special  and tasty that you love.  Why?  Because you are YOU.  You’re “special” too.

Today’s Special

It went Viral

The word “Viral” has been in the news so much lately…but its been the “Holy Grail” of the marketing and social media world.

How do we go viral?  How do we take an idea, spread it from person-to-person and have them spread it for exponential awareness?

–You may  be right concerning the quality of your product
–You may be right about how many people have already used your brand
–You may be right on how forward and socially relevant your company is

But the customer is ALWAYS right about how you made them feel.

Virus Graffiti Spreads an Idea

A photo of Virus graffiti in Philly.

It brings to mind a quote from a great movie** holds true for marketing as well as our present Corona Virus drama:

“The truth is what everybody  accepts.”

**You remember 12 Monkeys?
Trivia: The film was shot in Philadelphia & Baltimore.

12 Monkeys meets Corona Virus

Rainy Day Lessons Learned

Lessons learned on a rainy Sunday
A TV marathon of Law & Order on a rainy Sunday works
content works
Advertising works
Frequency in advertising works
Great creative in advertising works
A burrito and a chalupa really works right about now
Despite our virus drama and everyone’s life turned upside down…

marketing still works…right now

Well THAT smells


Today’s Brand idea started in Pool, England by Mark Constantine and Liz Weir and a few others in 1995.  Today, it’s about a $650 million dollar business.

Shampoos, shower gels, moisturizers, lotions…and sprays,  all hand made and over 85% vegan…and refreshing and found at LUSH.

I enjoy this lemon fresh spray…after a shower, before or after a workout…maybe on your pillow cases.  Remember of the 5 senses, smell is the one with the best memory. Find more:

No paid endorsement influencer, just sharing stuff I use and some folks who “Do Different”.

Lush Body Spray