Love for the Unseen

In the marketing world, attention love goes to the person who came up with the slogan, the CMO, the producer of the video, the head of the Agency.

Today, let’s thank those advertising individuals who do the heavy lifting no one sees or talks about. Who?

 The proof reader, the digital artist who needed extra hours to get that tweak done…again. The copy writer. The Video or Audio editor, the IT person who insures the creative is delivered on time, or like in this photo, the crew that works in all weather and hangs the new creative.

The recognized people may be the ones who do the public Dog & Pony show, but the real heroes are the ones who fight the daily deadline battles we know nothing about.

Crew posting new OOH advertising creative

You better than the other guy?

Part sport, part art and science.  It’s National Chess Day. (9/1)

A game that started in India (some say China) in the 6th century and quickly spread and grew into the game we now know in Italy and Spain around in the mid 15th century…but was also disparaged by major religions at the time.

I started playing as a kid, Bobby Fischer was my unknowing mentor…and personal history:  I played on my high school chess team. (stop please)

Trivia: Most common move? Pawn to E4.

How is Chess like Sports? This quote says it all:
“You don’t have to play well, just better than the other guy.”

Do YOU play?

Chess board

This idea went down the toilet

They’re blue, smelly and are about 4 feet deep by 4 feet wide.  A Porta Potty.  The “other” blue box in American life.  We use them, cause…well you need one.

How do we make these public toilets better?

Maybe make them clear, bigger and glow with cool colors.  ???

In Tokyo they approached the problem differently:  They’re made of smart glass (turns opaque when you lock the door), cleaner, more accessible, have more security and just make the area “pretty”.

Talk about an idea going down the toilet; just like this post! ;0)
…and that turned out to be the right thing.


A little more info here

Public Toilets in Tokyo
New Public Toilets in Tokyo

When it comes to advertising…who matters more?

Facebook will sport a permanent new look  in early September. You may have been toggling in and out of it for a while now.  Soon, it’s a permanent change.  The sell job on it is it’s a cleaner feel with quicker access to many features in a less cluttered way.  I’ve seen comment pieces that it’s presenting a major challenge (ie: pain in the ass) for the advertising community. 

Makes me think: when designing or re-designing content: could be a TV show, podcast, new website or a Social Media monster like Facebook:

Do you design for the audience or the advertiser?  

I know the first thought is both…BUT  what gets the priority.  

Priorities are a funny thing…for you to say “yes” to something, you need to be willing to say “no” to something else. 

facebook layout

I’ll drink to this holiday

Today (8/28) is the National USA celebration day of this tasty drink.

Red Wine!
Here’s something that been around for thousands of years…from China, Greece, Sicily; the oldest winery was found in Armenia.  And red wine was the every-episode fav of Cersei and Tyrion Lannister in “Game of Thrones” and was the go-to ceremonial taste in Egypt.

But wine found in Tutankhamun’s tomb reveals he was a white wine fan.

The original buzz was thought to be a religious experience.
That continues to be true as I believe some of us may have found religion after enjoying a bottle alone at home during the pandemic.  Cheers.

Red Wine

What’s up with your inbox?

Every morning, I make the first of many cups of coffee and dig into email.  Today, I have one note with the cure for a leaky gut,
one that will fix my gutters…
a low rate for veteran’s insurance…
a deal for home windows
and another with a new cleaner for a CPAP machine. 

I rent an apartment, not a veteran and don’t have those health issues.

Have non-permission consumer email data bases gone this far off the rails?  Most social media platforms serve “mostly” relevant ads.  Am I a victim of my own privacy?  Safari says it blocked 192 trackers just this past week.  I know internet privacy is an oxymoron, but seriously believe me…my gut is not leaking.

Are we back to spray and pray emails; the direct mail junk of the digital world?