A misspelling could lead you astray

So what’s the new discussion about?
— Atmospheric conditions?
— People, maybe like you or me?
— A castrated ram?

Hmm, 2 out of 3 isn’t bad. We chat about the weather and how it affects our personality. Well, the “other” crazy people. ;0)
Don’t be sheepish, join the rant!

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How committed are you for a great 2021?

You ready to commit to a brand new year? 2021!
Commitment is hard in life and in business…even when doing good for yourself.

You committed as Angus Barbieri of Scotland? In 1965, he weighted 456 pounds…to change that, his personal commitment was to TOTALLY stop eating…no food for 382 days. NO EATING FOR A YEAR?! He ended at a weight of 180.

His first meal was breakfast which reminds me of that old morning meal moral: “The chicken is involved…but the pig is committed.” 

Commit 13 minutes and enjoy a podcast with the tasty details of his achievement.

(Not my podcast, but a great show called Stuff You Should Know, SYSK)

Angus Barbieri of Scotland
Angus Barbieri

A debate in the advertising world


A debate in the marketing industry.  Which acronym truly depicts advertising success?

It’s really neither…per Elon Musk.  Tesla doesn’t spend a dollar on ads or endorsements.  

They spend the money on the product.  If you told your team you’re not going to advertise your brand ever again, but put the but back into product, what would the reaction be? What would you need to start doing different?

spreadsheet image
What if this was your 2021 budget?

Who is your hero?

Who is your hero?  

We certainly have many to choose from in the year of 2020. We all need someone to look up to, even if they don’t know we do.

Today is the day to thank them…for being them.  
Today is National Hero Day (12/27-USA)

My thought?
“Don’t strive to be like your heroes, but aspire to be what you heroes seek to become.”

Sticker on street pole

You didn’t…did you? You should.

Today only 1-out-of-4 people who have a job interview do this.

Some say it started in ancient Egypt or maybe with the Romans, It really grew back in the 1400’s in Europe.  

  Send a thank you note.  It’s National Thank You Note Day.  (12/26-USA)

You may think a text or an email gets the job done, but…  Maybe pick up the damn phone?  Today…take the time.  (again) Send a thank you note.  

Remember back in the days of going to the office?  You ever notice how many folks had thank you cards taped up around their desk? Hmm.

Come on, tell someone in writing that they matter…because they do.

thank you cards