Today could (should) be the day

You may not know it…but you should be doing this today.

Many people did this days ago.  
When do you do the holiday walk of shame?

The ups and “taking” down of Christmas decorations.  The new rant from Street Curb Curiosity.  Listen on Apple Podcasts here!

used Christmas tree
Christmas decorations can be a drag


8 out of 10 of us will fail miserably…with our New Year’s Resolutions. Burger lovers will try to live on lettuce. Couch potatoes will go run 5 miles tomorrow. We’re setting ourselves up to fail. And we talk about it; what our 2020 resolutions were…we’ll see how many stuck AND I propose a resolution we can all try. Join the rant on Street Curb Curiosity — The Podcast.

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Whiskey drink with text

A day for those who avoid people

Today?  it’s the day for people who need three hours getting ready…and two of those hours are talking themselves into getting ready.

It’s National Introvert day.  

The folks who thought staying home and working from home in 2020 was the best THING EVER.  

If you have plans with an introvert today…cancel them.  Make their day extra special.


So…you did it…AGAIN?!

So you did it…again. New Year Resolutions.
We all do it, and we’re all nuts (for the most part).

A fresh episode of Street Curb CuriosityThe Podcast.
It’s about our dreams, our new goals and how we fail almost every time. ;0(

Let’s talk about how it all started, the crazy things we try, why it may not work and how we can (maybe) make it happen. Let’s learn together.

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Wing nut in hand

You built this house

Welcome to our new home:  2021

The start of new dreams, hope, success and yes…some failures.

For me, its been built on the friendship, vision and mentorship that many people gave me last year…many didn’t even know they were involved in prepping me for a better me in the new year. You reading this?  You may be one of them. ;0)

A little personal thanks to a few.  Just first names…No trolling here.

Brandon, Christine, Cori, David, Don, Gene, Hugh, John (a few!), Jennifer, Jessica,  Joe, Joel, Lauren, Linda, Maria, Macy, Mary, Mark, Michael, Michelle, Sally, Steve, Roger, Ron, Ted, Terry, Tim.  And a few more I’m sure I’m missing.

Who helped you build your new year?

2021 home in Philadelphia
2021. our new home