So what’s YOUR Opinion?

LinkedIn is rolling out a cool new feature to allow you do to polling (not on my browser yet…hint hint) I made a decision on what my first my poll question would be.

This posting addition will provide some interesting insights.

But some advice concerning polling:

“If you’re guided by opinion polls, you are not practicing leadership, you are practicing followership.”  You can thank Margaret Thatcher for that quote.

Today? Baseball is History

A quick history lesson on baseball: the first televised game happened today back in 1939. Princeton beat Columbia 2-1. This was a test game for MLB, as the first major league game on TV was Cincinnati taking on the Brooklyn Dodgers in a double header in NYC.  For you TV content production types: only 2 cameras.  One behind home plate, the other at 3rd base.

So the question:  Which would you enjoy more today?

  1. A current game with only 2 camera games? 
  2. Watch a repeat with today’s tech?

If the answer is the second, check out MLB.COM.  You’re covered…play ball.

I’ll drink to that

Could have been created in 1921 London as the Buck Fizz.  Or by bartender Frank Meier in Paris at the Ritz. He only used sparkling wine…no champagne.  Or the refreshing fun started in San Francisco as an idea by a guy named Alfred Hitchcock…who made it popular for brunch!

Whoever you give the credit to; get your fav wine and orange juice ready to mix…it’s National Mimosa Day.     And now you’re thirsty for one (or two) without showing you one. And that my friends…is marketing.  (or is that advertising?)

The problem with the world is that everyone is a few drinks behind.” ~ Humphrey Bogart

Did you see this?

Nobody reads/watches/sees/listens to (did I cover them all?) or really cares about advertising.

They’re interested in and pay attention to what interests them. 
And sometimes, THAT is an Ad.

And YES, I find racing possums (or American marsupial cousin the opossum) interesting…you?

Love these guys from Washington (state).

Who doesn’t need these?

What’s your opinion about facts?

It’s a fact.

The fewer the facts, the stronger the opinions.

California is west of Nevada. Always been my opinion, a good one right?  Well, LA is actually further east than Reno Nevada.  Don’t even get me started about Toronto being further south than Minneapolis

Marketing can tell a great story and alter your opinion. But
Facts are facts…even if you don’t believe them…and that’s my opinion.

Bonus Fact:  Chicago was almost part of Wisconsin.

Southeast United States via Google

Hey, did you move?

This week’s  brilliant brand idea is a moving concept that comes from the minds at Apple.

When data can be displayed to tell a story and make a concept easy to understand…it’s advancement. 

The question, how have our daily travels been impacted by the virus? Did we “stay in place”?  Are we beginning to be “on the move” again. By auto, by Transit and by foot. The image below shows the mobility of the Philadelphia area.  As you can see, Philly is stirring.

Apple uses anonymous data via your iphone and mapped the world.  Check out your major city state or country info, via the link here:

I’m no paid endorsement influcencer; just sharing things from people doing things…and doing them differently to make it better for us all.

mobility chart for Philadelphia as of 5/6

It’s a very special day

Think it’s just another day in our virus hamster wheel?

Well, it IS a special day.  It’s someone’s birthday…maybe an anniversary. Could be a special occasion to remember for some business, work or life event.  Every day is a special day for someone.  Remember it, celebrate it and  what makes it a notable day for them.

What makes it extra special for them is that YOU remembered.