Clowning Around with a New Idea

A new idea sometimes is just a combination of a few great ideas.  Even if they may sound weird to start.

Cheddar Cheese and Apple Pie. Fries and Maple Syrup.  Peanut Butter on bacon.

What happens when you take Gilligan, add the music of Led Zeppelin and an internet famous clown with an amazing singing voice? 

You get a sound something that will be in your brain for days.

HERE’S THE VIDEO PS: Love your work Puddles.

Puddles the Clown

Don’t tell me you can’t run that far.

Start the week with Labor Day…end with week with retirement…
it’s National 401K day.

The 401K was discovered by accident by a finance consultant in 1980.
Before that, no one really tried to understand that portion of the tax code.

Why are you not signed up for a 401K?

Don’t say you can run that far.  (yes, runners humor)

US Currency
Save for future fun

True for Spies and most Businesses

A quote by James Bond holds true in the business world and in the international world of spying and intrigue:

“You’re judged by the strength of your enemies.”

PS:  the new 007 movie debuts November 20 in the USA.
Thanks for keeping it classy Daniel Craig.

Daniel Craig as James Bond
Daniel Craig as 007 James Bond

Today is a special day…but not for me

September 9 is the most common birthday.  (USA anyway)

We didn’t really start celebrating birthdays until we really had calendars.  How would you know?  We started celebrating birthdays about 5,000 years ago with the Egyptian Pharaohs, as they tracked moon cycles.  Candles on cake?  Those zany Greeks are to blame.

Who has a birthday today?  Here’s a few: Adam Sandler, Michael Bublé and Colonel Sanders

Note:  Some sources say the most common birthday day is 9/16.  Whichever day is right…You should celebrate the entire month anyway!

So if September is “your” month?  Happy Birthday!

PS: Not for me; I’m a November baby! ;0)

Unicorn birthday cake
Could you cut this unicorn cake?

Make it a labor of love

In the USA, we’re enjoying a day off. Labor Day.  
Thank a guy by the name of PJ McGuire.  A VP of the AFL, his idea for this holiday was hatched back in 1882. 

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.

Speaking of labor and love…a lot went went into this bad boy.  

Comcast Tower construction, April 2015
Photo flashback:  This is the early construction of new Comcast Tower in Philly, April of 2015.

It happens in business every year about now.

It ALWAYS happens around the Labor Day holiday… You know?  Budget Season! Part of that process is ALWAYS parsing the company organization… You know, the Org Chart.

Rather than once again just color code cells in Excel or PowerPoint, CLICK HERE to read (on LinkedIn) about a useful idea and concept from Dharmesh Shah with a name you may know. (Hint, he runs Tesla)  
A fresh approach to ponder. Cheers.

Bird Org Chart
This org chart is for the birds

These people are such losers!

Shaq has missed over 5,300 free throws…the most of any NBA player

Van Gogh could only sell one of his paintings.

Jeff Bezos was laughed at for his on-line book store idea.

Reggie Jackson has the most MLB strike outs..2,597 to be precise.

Women worldwide still wear the LBD look of Coco Chanel, but she failed as a Cabaret singer.

Warren Buffet has lost over $6 Billion with investments in one year.

One more…10 years ago this week, Apple launched the social network PING.  Remember that?

What if these folks listened to the haters?

The biggest mistake you can make?  Stop trying.

Apple social network and a bunch of famous people