Clowning Around with a New Idea

A new idea sometimes is just a combination of a few great ideas.  Even if they may sound weird to start. Cheddar Cheese and Apple Pie. Fries and Maple Syrup.  Peanut Butter on bacon. What happens when you take Gilligan, add the music of Led Zeppelin and an internet famous clown with an amazing singing voice?  You […]

Rainy Day Lessons Learned

Lessons learned on a rainy SundayA TV marathon of Law & Order on a rainy Sunday workscontent worksAdvertising worksFrequency in advertising worksGreat creative in advertising worksA burrito and a chalupa really works right about nowDespite our virus drama and everyone’s life turned upside down… marketing still works…right now

National Sandwich Day this Weekend!

Get ready to take a big bite! National Sandwich day Sunday. 300 Million sandwiches are eaten EVERY day in the USA. Most eaten? Turkey! The word started back in 1762, when the Earl of Sandwich ate meat in bread so he could eat while playing a card game. Royalty continues today with Delivery in LA. […]

You have this experience this weekend?

You encounter it too?  The bad Ad experiences?  Whether it was TV, Radio, your phone with social media…lots of ME ME ME and shouting it really loud.  Most folks in the advertising world focus on ROI.  Maybe some focus on better storytelling.  Who doesn’t love a great story? Yes grab our attention, but make it […]