True for Spies and most Businesses

A quote by James Bond holds true in the business world and in the international world of spying and intrigue: “You’re judged by the strength of your enemies.” PS:  the new 007 movie debuts November 20 in the USA. Thanks for keeping it classy Daniel Craig.

Virus Graffiti Spreads an Idea

A photo of Virus graffiti in Philly. It brings to mind a quote from a great movie** holds true for marketing as well as our present Corona Virus drama: “The truth is what everybody  accepts.” **You remember 12 Monkeys? Trivia: The film was shot in Philadelphia & Baltimore.

Been waiting for it?

Today is THE day! Star Wars (Rise of Skywalker) arrives on the big screen  What sells it? Anticipation.Do clients “look forward” to meeting you? Your business partners get excited about your next potential deal? Anticipation is power: A new movie from Disney, a new iPhone from Apple…Santa coming down the chimney next week. A customer, […]

Happy Birthday to…

A birthday is a great day to be inspired to “start over”.  His first two film shorts never made the big screen, but today in 1928,  the Mickey Mouse “Talkie” cartoon “Steamboat Willie”, was a BIG hit and the rest is history.  Today is Mickey’s official birthday and a wonderful way to showcase “starting over”.   The inspiration for Walt Disney? […]

Being an “overnight success” takes a LONG time

It always takes longer than you think. Today, back in 1910, a dozen or so business types were in a NJ hall to watch a demonstration of a movie…with sound! The demo was conducted by a guy named Thomas Edison. It was going to be the NEXT-BIG-THING. But it wasn’t.Silent movies were around since 1896 […]