I have to share a complaint

The data doesn’t lie: We bitch about something about every 30 minutes…and the stats say we may love to. It may even be good for you. So of course a podcast about what we complain about. The job, family, weather…lots of stuff including the psycho psychology of it all. Don’t whine, we moan about it all in under 15 minutes. Street Curb Curiosity -The …

The cookie says “be the bigger person”

Be the bigger person…because you are!You may have a huge audience on this platform.  You’ve worked at it…sharing great ideas and vision. Remember when you had just a VERY small but loyal following? Today: follow, repost, respond, like,  interact with a smaller blog and help someone spread THEIR ideas.   It’s just Good Content Karma.

Need a friend?

It’s National Make a Friend Day!  February 11th. Today is the day for you to be a leader: say hello to someone and smile. You could make a real friend, a virtual friend, a digital on-line friend….or even a new four-legged friend.   Make it your business to start a conversation, smile and watch the (furry) fun …

Can you paint the picture?

Marketing thought for the day:  You can’t buy engagement or even customers.  You have to earn it,  build it… paint the picture. Instead of interrupting people like we do every day, try attracting them instead. Inspired by the vision and art of Radoslaw Barek from Poland. Yes, that is a mural.