Show some love today

It’s the day to try it.  Not necessarily with roses, chocolates or a candle lit dinner out. Show some love today to the person working behind the counter, driving the bus or Uber; or sitting at a table-for-two alone, maybe just needing a smile. As for the dining experience today, Valentine’s day is not a biggy; […]

Grab a slice!

It’s National Pizza Day.  Yummy. Okay, some flavorful history:  The pizza you know and love would NOT exist without America? (South specifically)  Yes, flatbread started back about 7,000 years ago in Sardinia, but those darn Spaniards brought the Tomato (it’s a fruit BTW) back to Europe. Another bite of history?  The Tomato was first thought to be poisonous and […]

It’s in the mail!

It’s National “Send a card to a friend” day! It was all the rage in 15th century  Europe:  sending a card. A Birthday is #1, Mother’s day is #2 in the purchase pecking order. The internet digital options and social media has driven the act of mailing down; and it continues to shrink about 5% a year.  Stats […]

Death and taxes

Did you #celebrate yesterday? Here’s something to toast this weekend. In the early 1900’s, about 40% of government income was from taxes on wine, beer and liquor. The “new” Income tax replaced the revenue lost when prohibition started and ended the 5th largest business in the nation. Then, this week in 1933, prohibition ended. Alcohol […]

Ready to Retail it?

We’ll spend over $1-TRILLION this holiday season both in-store and with ecommerce.  How much is a trillion? A million seconds is 12 days; a trillion is 31,709 years.  Want to do something nice with a  trillion dollars?  You could buy EVERYONE in the USA a 20-ounce WAWA coffee everyday for the next 4 years. (and that includes  the Philly sales […]